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  1. The Indigo Tribe is a fictional organization that appears in DC Comics publications, primarily those of the Green Lantern series. In the DC Universe, it is one of the seven major groups known as the Corps of the emotional spectrum.The group was created by comic book writer Geoff Johns and comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver.It made its debut in the issue #25 of Green Lantern (vol. 4) in.
  2. The Indigo Tribe is one of the nine Lantern Corps that draw power from the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum.The original was the Green Lantern Corps, and the Indigos have been allies to the super-hero Green Lantern.Their power rings channel the emotion compassion, and the Indigos are chosen from among the universe's greatest sociopaths to rehabilitate them
  3. Wielding the indigo-tinged light of compassion, these Lanterns, along with any number of other brightly colored Corps spread out across the universe, are a truly unique force in the greater Green Lantern mythos even when stacked up against their better-known colleagues. But these Indigo Lanterns aren't ones to hog the spotlight themselves
  4. The Indigo Tribe is a corps of Lanterns formed by Abin Sur and Natromo, a native of the planet Nok, who wields the purple light of compassion and completely dedicate themselves to it. The Indigo Tribe debuted in Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver's Green Lantern #25 in 2007, yet they still remain among the more mysterious Corps
  5. The Indigo Tribe possesses two powers unique only to their Corps members. The first is their ability to teleport. While other Lanterns can travel across space at high speeds and access wormholes for long-distance travel, Indigo Tribe members are capable of teleport vast distances instantly. The range at which they can teleport is based on how.
  6. Nok- Indigo 1 History 1.1 Origins 1.2 The Blackest Night 1.3 The Secret of The Indigo Tribe 2 Equipment 2.1 Weapons 3 Oath 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 Links The Indigo Tribe was a mysterious group that had harnessed the power of the Indigo Light of Compassion from the Emotional Spectrum. Their creation was traced to the Green Lantern Abin Sur during his service to the Green Lantern Corps. At some.
  7. als and teach them the ways of compassion

Indigo Power Rings were first fully seen during the The Blackest Night, when the Black Lantern Corps rose. These resurrected beings attacked the living in order to claim the emotional energy they felt Guy Gardner. Guy Gardner started out as the backup Green Lantern for Hal Jordan. He has since become one of the most prominent Green Lanterns of the Corps, despite possessing an egocentric.

Johns (the series' writer) has said that the Corps oaths have a tempo regardless of what language they are spoken in, adding: But speaking of languages, the Indigo Tribe speaks an interesting one. Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur, Natromo faan tornek wot ur. Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur, Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur The Indigo Tribe is instrumental in transporting the Corps to Earth to battle the Black Lantern Corps. Following the Blackest Night, they abduct Black Hand and force him into their Tribe, forcing. Indigo Tribe is a faction of Lanterns which have been secretly reconstructed by Ganthet, Sayd, and Abin Sur. The tribe originated on the homeworld of Nok which previously been inaccessible due to the dying actions of its previous Guardian Council who combined their powers to seclude the entire star system into a pocket dimension rather than risk allowing the Conduit to fall under the control. Applique murale extérieure de type LANTERN de chez INDIGO-LIGHTING. Référence: OU344WW24 Corps de forme rectangulaire en fonte d'aluminium de couleur anthracite. Diffuseur en polycarbonate opalin. Dimensions 103x110mm, sur une hauteur de 250mm. Luminaire classe 1, 650°, IP54, alimentation 230V non dimmable

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  1. Indigo Lantern Corps Wallpaper. Looking for the best Indigo Lantern Corps Wallpaper? We've got 54+ great wallpaper images hand-picked by our users. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. Download, share and comment wallpapers you like
  2. When in close proximity to any number of other Corps such as the rageful, blood spitting Red Lanterns, or the fear-based, terror-inducing Sinestro Corps, Indigo Lanterns are able to emulate other Corps members' exclusive ring properties by channeling the specific emotional energy in question and repurposing their newly acquired abilities as they see fit
  3. Fictional character biography. The Orange Lantern Corps is a faction of the Emotional Spectrum that is associated with greed. Some millennia ago, the Guardians of the Universe fought the Orange Light's keeper Larfleeze which nearly destroyed both sides. They reached a peace treaty where the condition is that the Orange Light is to remain buried and that Okaara is to remain outside the Green.
  4. Indigo-1 and the Indigo Corp Origins | Comicstorian - Duration: 5:09. Comicstorian 542,107 views. Origin Of The Indigo Lanterns (Green Lantern: Blackest Night Origins).

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  1. The Indigo Lantern Corps, usually referred to as the Indigo Tribe, is the lantern corps which represents the emotion of compassion. The group is led by Indigo-1, and each member has their own power ring and staff. Current Members
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  3. There are Seven Lantern Corps that are known in the Galaxy.Some are neary extinct but still have 1 or 2 members to carry them on. 1 Good Lantern Corps 1.1 Green Lantern 1.1.1 Members 1.2 Blue Lantern 1.2.1 Members 1.3 Indigo Lantern 1.3.1 Members 1.4 Violet Lantern 1.4.1 Members 1.5 White..
  4. Indigo Lantern Corps. 2.2K likes. Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur. Natromo faan tornek wot ur. Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur. Taan lek lek nok - Formorrow Sur

Indigo Lantern Corps. Compassion is double edged in the Lanternverse: it can be used to heal but it can also be forced upon other beings, enslaving them. Those who wear Indigo Rings can take the power from other Lanterns and use it as though it were their own; they can, and often do, use this ability without permission Some time after, the Indigo Tribe also captured Hal Jordan and Sinestro (a former villain who Jordan was allying himself with), with the intent of recruiting Sinestro to the Tribe, at the cost of his willpower. Eventually the people of Nok found a font of Indigo The true reason Abin created this Corps wasn't to bring redemption to criminals, but instead the Indigo Tribe was meant as an.

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